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Why partner with Us

Through our creative and technical approach to infrastructural consultancy, building design, and civil engineering, we make a real difference to our clients in Uganda and within the East African region.

We partner with a broad spectrum of organizations in East Africa and around the world, and by leveraging our local and regional knowledge, professional expertise, and time-tested reputation, we work toward furthering the attainment of shared objectives.

Where our business and private-sector partners are concerned, we fully understand their corporate social responsibility and marketing strategies. Equally, we understand and support our public and non-governmental partners’ aims in regulation, quality assurance and social-service provision.

We are increasingly identifying opportunities to synergize and partner with regional and international engineering firms and professionals on shared project milestones and deliverables.
Partnering with us can mean anything from project-based professional consultancy to a long-term Business-to-business collaboration.


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