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Armstrong Consulting Engineers is an infrastructural consultancy and civil/structural design firm headquartered in Kampala, Uganda. Since 2009, we have successfully delivered modern, complex, and environmentally sustainable building, highway, energy and water infrastructure projects in Uganda and the broader Eastern African region. We are an ISO (IMS 9001: 2015) fully certified and compliant entity, and proud members of the Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers.


We seek to provide safe and cost-effective infrastructural services compliant to global technological changes with emphasis on environmental sustainability.


Armstrong aspires to become the leading infrastructural consultancy firm in East Africa.

More About Us

Our Clients range from government ministries and departments, NGOs, and the private sector—and we have consistently lived up to our aspirations and promise with the successful completion of several iconic projects in Uganda and professional handling of several on-going ones. While our core service has previously been focused on building design, we have since 2018, made a strategic decision to broaden into service areas such as project management, road and highway design, water supply and irrigation schemes—so as to extend our trademark of quality and competence into these Proud members of the Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers.

Our Story

Kenneth Magembe, our team leader and vision bearer—who currently holds the dual roles of Principal Engineer and Managing Director—has been fascinated with the complexity of the built environment from a tender age. His fledgling passion for construction was amplified by one particular childhood incident in which he saw a massive water tank the size of a residential building suspended on a single central pillar, over 40 meters high. All others he had seen before, were propped on four pillars. This ignited an inextinguishable curiosity in the young Kenneth to unearth the mathematical and scientific mysteries behind this strange, “one-legged” tower structure. Kenneth went on to major in Civil Engineering for his Bachelor’s degree, and on his heart was imprinted the desire to fashion unique and iconic structures that would marvel whoever beheld them. Having practiced and honed his technical acumen with several employers, Kenneth made the intentional and courageous decision to found Armstrong Consulting Engineers. His envisioned a firm that would inject new energy into Uganda’s otherwise conservative and change-resistant engineering industry, and give a fresh lease of life to all forms, modes and shapes of infrastructure—however unconventional. Kenneth believed then, as the entire Armstrong team believes today; that if it can be dreamed—then it can be built. This is our story—and we invite you to be a part of it!


We deliver our services with a commitment to industry standards and work ethics, and strict adherence to global standards of quality, corporate obligations, and environmental sustainability.


We value the unique contribution that each member of our team brings to the table. Ours is a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, civil engineers, computing experts, and financial advisors. In their own way, each one adds strength and solidity to the firm and is responsible for our continued success.


We seek to provide safe and cost-effective infrastructural services compliant to global technological changes with emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Time Management

We believe that customer satisfaction isn’t merely a function of delivering a service, but also doing so punctually. This is why our team works around the clock to guarantee that we meet and beat all our project timelines.

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