Project Description

The state-of-the-art Data Centre is located on a 2.2 Acre piece of land. It is a portal frame building with a data room that can accommodate up to 400 ICT racks with an executive office and facilities. The ICT racks will make use of a cooling Economizer and free cooling shall be done by removing heat through low temperature ambient air and aquatic cooling fins. The data center also aims to reduce energy loss and waste by 25% through high-efficiency transformers, PDUs and UPS devices. Construction waste ending up in a landfill has been reduced by 5% so far, on account of optimized design and construction methodology. A greening master plan was designed to ensure that project blends in the natural surrounding green vegetation. The project will include a high-tech bio digester that will help in the recycling of the waste water.

Actual Services Provided by Armstrong Consulting Engineers

Preparation of Civil and Structural Engineering designs: Managing the Client’s budget: Quality checks: Supervision of Construction works: Ensuring health and safety compliance: Assessing sustainability and environmental impact. Ensuring project packages meet the agreed specifications.

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